MAYANA is known for reinvigorating the ancient tradition of drinking chocolate as a vitalizing elixir - "The Food Of The Gods."

We make craft chocolate with Fine Flavour Cacao beans with the intention to Nourish All Of Your Senses.


We drink our chocolate not only for the exceptional taste but also for the vitalizing effects on our bodies and brains.

Our Cacao Elixirs are powder blends with organic superfoods, medicinal mushrooms, and spices, with little to no added sugar.

This is not your usual hot chocolate - it's real chocolate that’s actually good for you.


Our cacao is:

  • Fine Flavour Cacao. The finest cacao beans which become the most flavourful chocolate in the world. Their flavour comes from genetics for natural reproduction rather than GMO. Their complex flavour and aroma includes fruits, floral, herbal, and wood notes, as well as rich and balanced chocolate bases.
  • Heirloom. From native trees of Mexico that produce cacao beans with a combination of historic, cultural, geographical, botanical and flavor value.
  • Single-origin. From Soconusco, Mexico - land of rich biodiversity that gives cacao a distinct taste. Historically, cacao grown and consumed by the native people in Chiapas in southern Mexico, the Olmecs (1500 B.C.), and later the Maya, was Criollo cacao, the type of cacao that Europeans first encountered and it has been held in high regard ever since.
  • Direct trade. We go beyond fair trade by buying cacao directly from the farmers that are using sustainable practices to cultivate it. They are not only paid a fair price for their crops, but also we recognize and empower them and their community.
  • Certified Organic. Grown on old-growth trees without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. 
  • Hand-made. We make our chocolate in small batches. The raw chocolate is ground by hand and the elixirs are mixed by hand.